1. Pray for the revelation about the importance of Israel and the Jewish people. We can read Scripture and never see its significance. Ponder well Paul’s 9th through 11th chapters of Romans, especially the 11th chapter where he clearly teaches that God is not finished with Israel, that He has not rejected them forever. Look carefully at Paul’s words regarding the salvation of Israel and the irrevocable call of God on this people, then pray that the “eyes of your heart may be opened (Ephesians 1).

2. Repent for not being Romans 11:11 believers. Paul tells his Gentile believers that they should live such lives that will make Israel jealous for their own Messiah. We will make them jealous through our love for the Lord, for each other, and for all Jewish people everywhere.

3. Bless Abraham’s descendants according to Genesis 12:1-3. The promise given to Abraham about his descendants is for all future generations. Those who bless them will be blessed. Those who curse (or esteem them lightly, as the Hebrew word implies) will be under a curse. This continues to be seen in the way God deals with nations who turn their backs on this chosen people. They have kept alive faith in the One True God. They have been used of God to bring to the world their Redeemer, and they figure prominently into God’s future for the nations. This is indicated clearly in the closing words of John’s Revelation when the names of Israel’s twelve sons still adorn the gates of the new city, and the names of the twelve Jewish apostles are written on the foundation stones that of the city. The redeemed people come from every nation, tribe, tongue and people, but their conduit nation into the Presence of God is the nation of Israel.

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