10. Give according to the guidelines of Romans 15:27 and Galatians 6:10. Paul gives clear guidance that we should prioritize our finances both to the Jewish people (Romans 15:27), but also to believers. Millions of dollars have been given to Israel and to secular ministries in Israel. This is good, but let us not fail to prioritise our own brothers and sisters, especially those in the Land. They are need. Often they have returned to Israel in poverty. It is sometimes more difficult for them to be employed because of their faith. Remember them.

11. Do not just visit the Land; visit your brothers and sisters in the Land. Christians visit the Land of Israel by the hundreds of thousands annually. Most of them never get to know one believer in the Land, yet these believers are in great need of encouragement from their brothers and sisters around the world. Get acquainted with them. Visit one of their meetings. Take gifts to them. Invite one of their leaders to speak to your tour group.

12. Become Ephesians 2:15 “one new man” people of God. The Lord is not returning for a church that excludes his Jewish family. He also does not want a Jewish people that exclude the grafted-in family from the nations. He will return for a Jew-Gentile bride. Let us Gentiles seek the Lord on what this means and how we are to become one with our returning “elder brother” of faith.

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